When you are ready to add employees to your plan, you may complete a bulk import of all eligible employees at the same time via a CSV or Excel file. It's simple! 

First, lets start with how to properly format the file. Whether it is CSV or an Excel file; all we need is the First Name, Last Name, Email of the employee and if you have our Premium Groups feature enabled, then add Group.

Next, it's time to fill in the file with employees!

Now, lets upload our employees!

  1. From your dashboard, select Manage Plans  
  2. Select your Plan
  3. Select Employees on the left toolbar
  4. Select Invites
  5. Select Bulk Import

Edukate will send you an email when the Bulk Import is complete and your employees have been added! When complete, your Employees tab will look similar to this:

And thats it! Within a few minutes all your employees have now been uploaded into Edukate and can engage with the platform!

Here are some tips to know before uploading your employees:

  • Employee upload file must include first name, last name and email as columns. 
  • If you are uploading the employee data prior to the plan's launch date, you can complete the upload without sending the invites. Simply uncheck the “Invite all employees by email” box. This will add all employees to the plan but will not send invitations. 
  • If you already have employees uploaded previously then you can do another bulk import with the previous, removed, or added employees. We will figure out the rest for you on who to add, remove, and keep!

If you have any issues with the bulk importing process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via chat or support@edukate.com as we're happy to help!

Employees Upload File                                        Premium Groups File

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