Adding and Inviting Employees

Importing a list of employees to invite to join Edukate with a CSV file.

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Edukate makes it easy to invite employees to join your plan. Simply follow the below steps to properly upload and organize your Edukate plan.

Importing Employees

Administrators can import employees with the Employee Census Template. It is a CSV and Excel file. 

You can also download an existing census of employees on Edukate. It includes active, invited, and opted-out employees.

For a sample employee census, please see Sample Employee Census Template

Sorting Employee Data

After the employee census uploads, you can sort employee data by column. To complete the upload, employees' first name, last name, and email address must be identified. 

Upload Errors?

Upload errors may display if data is not formatted correctly. Make sure that column names align with the upload data. All employees must have their name and email address available.

First Census Upload

The first time you upload an employee census, all employees will be added to Edukate. Any duplicate entries in the census upload will be automatically removed.

Duplicate Census Uploads

If you try to upload a duplicate employee census, the uploader will notify you. If no differences are found, you can select a new census.   

Adding Only New Employees

If you upload a census with only a list of employees not currently on Edukate, you'll see this screen. You can either ignore the existing employees who currently have access and only add new employees. Or you can remove all of the current users from Edukate and only add new ones. 

In this example, 18 employees already use Edukate. 3 new employees were uploaded. You can ignore the existing 18 and add 3 more for a total of 21 employees. Or you can remove the 18 existing and only add 3 new ones. 

Multiple Upload Types

In this example, over 1,000 employees were uploaded. Duplicates, users with errors, and missing employees are all identified. 

Exceeded Available Licenses

You will receive an error message if you try to upload more employees than available licenses. This modal shows how many licenses are available. You can contact Edukate's support team to add additional licenses.

Upload Confirmation

After the upload is complete, you can exit the portal. An email confirmation is delivered when the upload is finished. 

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