Reasons Edukate Emails Fail

  • Email address is invalid

  • Email bounced

  • Edukate servers are not whitelisted

  • Employee no longer active

  • Employee opted out of emails

Fixing Invalid Emails

  1. Click Employees from the Administrator Dashboard toolbar

  2. Select the Inactive tab

  3. Find the employee whose email failed

  4. Edit their information

  5. Select Save

Opted-Out Employees

If employees opt out of communications, they will no longer receive emails. 

If they opt-out before they accept the invitation to join Edukate, they will They will be moved to Inactive

Reactivate Employees

If an employee previously had access you can reinstate them. 

  1. Select employee's name under Inactive

  2. Click Reinstate

  3. Select OK to confirm

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