To promote employee participation and engagement, we strongly encourage the employer and/or advisor to periodically run contests within Edukate. The contest feature is used as a gamification tool that has been proven to increase employee participation.

  1. From your dashboard, select Manage Plan(s)
  2. Select the specific plan you will launch the contest with
  3. Select Contests
  4. Select Schedule New Contest
  5. Input title, headline and schedule start date/end date*
  6. The contest will be Raffle*.
  7. Select whether tracking will be made on Points Earned or Course Completed
  8. Determine prize(s), upload prize photo, input prize details
  9. Select Next Step: Save and Preview
  10. Preview contest, if all looks good select Schedule Contest

*Tip: The contest will automatically start and end at the time and date you provide, no additional action is needed by you to start or end the contest. 

*Tip: At the end of the contest the system will automatically generate the ranking of the contestants. 

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