If you receive an error that an email has failed, it is caused by one of the following items:

  • Email is invalid¬†
  • Email has bounced
  • Edukate servers have not been white-listed
  • Invited employee has opted-out
  • Employee has previously had an Edukate account

To correct an invalid email:

  1. Select employee's name under Inactive
  2. Verify name is correct
  3. Edit email address
  4. Select Save

See here on how to have Edukate's servers white-listed. This will correct bounce errors caused by spam detection.

If an employee has opted-out they will no longer receive the invitation reminder and will be moved to Inactive.

If an employee has previously had access to your plan you may reinstate them. 

  1. Select employee's name under Inactive
  2. Select Reinstate
  3. Select Ok to confirm

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